Wednesday, July 1, 2009


You know what's really weird, and something I was just thinking about as I was looking at my spreadsheet?

I love fonts.

I do. Maybe it started when I began fiddling around with Photoshop in my LJ days (icons, wallpaper) and striving to find the perfect font to match the mood and words on the art.

Maybe it started back in the days of DOS when fonts were pretty much times, arial or some sort of serif.

Or, maybe it started on my friend's Gateway computer back in the mid nineties.

Yeah, I think that's it. I remember using hot pink colors and using CURLZ to do a report.

I quickly realized that CURLZ and hot pink was going to do nothing for my grade, especially if my teacher couldn't read it. However, it was still fun to make a sign with that font.

I don't remember what the sign said nor do I remember the purpose of the sign but I do remember the magic of the font.

It stems from choice. The freedom to pick whatever style of words that will help convey your message. Right now I wish that I was writing in Franklin Gothic Book (Regular) font size 8. Or Calibri, size 8. Hell, I'd settle for Trajanus Bricks.

I guess it boils down to expression and freedom of choice. I was never a rebel with fashion - in fact my sense of style was always in my head and since I couldn't afford things in my head, I wore too baggy shirts and jeans that didn't fit and i was tiny. It wasn't attractive. I never vandalized or voted for a republican.

I liked to read and listen to different music but really I liked words. What better way to express yourself than with hot pink CURLZ?

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