Monday, November 9, 2009

Tiny tiny excerpt from Chapter 5.

Even as a large part of her knew that it wasn’t her fault, that none of her choices would’ve stopped Ellie, she couldn’t help the weakness that exploded over her.
                Tomorrow or the day after, Saturday if she was lucky, Ellie would be dead. It had been nothing but fate that had brought them together again and somewhere in the back of her mind she thought that she would have more time with a woman who was more like a mother to her than her own blood.
                Years and moments didn’t stop for anyone and as she sat in the driver’s seat of her military issued black car, she allowed the tears of months, minutes and decades to fall.


  1. Crying, is always about crying? Isn't there any parts where you're blowing apart Zombies you can post?
    Thank you.
    PS If you need advice on firearm when writing don't hesitate to ask ;)

  2. hee hee

    nah, I already did the fight scene. There's not another one coming up for another two chapters :)