Thursday, February 19, 2009

Driving Sideways - Jess Riley

Driving Sideways: A Novel

I got this book out from the library because I had been circling around it like a bookworm vulture (which, while that may conjure up some very weird images, if you know me, it makes sense)

This is a really good book about living your life and learning to be your own person. It's a story about Leigh Fielding who has PKD and has just had a kidney transplant, a miracle unto itself, she then decides to take a road trip so that she can see her mother,meet up with her best friend and essentially be free of her overprotective brother and her own limitations.

She gets "hostage-ed" into taking a 17 year old hitchiker named Denise with her to California and coincidentally, Denise is the name of her supposed Guardian Angel. Denise is both mysterious and bubbly and a little bit of a whacko.

With Denise, Leigh begins to express her spontaneous side and her 'did I just do that" side.

They pick up Leigh's friend Jillian who is with a shitty boyfriend and whom Leigh hates.

The road trip from Jillian's place in Colorado is another journey in which Leigh learns about friendship, decisions and what it is like to truly be your own person. She also sees just how much co-dependence can shape a person's life and psyche.

By the end, you are so enamored with Leigh and also worried about her increasing flu-like symptoms and fear that every time she goes to the bathroom, she'll find blood that by the time you get to the critical point in the story....you are right there with her.

All in all, it's a great story. It's at turns modernly philosophical, hysterical, sad and relative.


Favorite line: " My Rip VanGine wakes up and rubs her eyes"

Trust in me context its hilarious.

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