Monday, January 19, 2009

Is it possible to have a massive crush on a fictional character- yes.

I love House MD. There's something about his irascibility, his curmudgeonly ways, his abrasive charm that would ordinarily make me want to smack him but when you put it in the package of one, Hugh Laurie, I can't help but want to cuddle him. His wife (Laurie's) is one lucky woman. I would be role playing all the time!

An excerpt from a Playboy article describing House's character:

With shades of Sherlock Holmes by way of Hawkeye Pierce on a crabby day, House isn’t out to heal the world or make patients happy. He doesn’t have a soft spot for kids and old ladies, and he would rather watch monster-truck jams than read a stupid CT scan. No matter how antisocial he is, no matter how bitter (his favorite diagnosis is “The patient is lying”), House inevitably saves the day—even when it kills him to.

Now, I also love Hawkeye Pierce. Unfortunately this love is also slightly incestous and my grandfather is Alan Alda's cousin, so ewwwwwww...but his fictional character from the TV SHOW. Ah, hell yeah.

House MD. If I had a mysterious disease, I would want you to treat me. Frankly, I would want you to treat me regardless of a mysterious disease.

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