Friday, February 12, 2010

I don't know what I knew before....

So it's my day off today and I've managed to get out of bed (which is no easy feat as I'm tired ALL OF THE TIME), get coffee at the local starbucks and clean. Yes, clean. My house no longer looks like a group of cokehead squatters moved in.

Ok, it never looked that bad but there are a few things that are messy that I'm not proud of and therefore will only vaguely mention (like now) and not get into details.  Needless to say, I can see my coffee table and the dining room table.

Now, I'm procrastinating on the computer, going on goodreads and facebook and author's blogs instead of doing the other two things that I've set aside to do today - my hair and writing at least one page of chapter 7 of Zombie Love*. 

I will be going to B&N today to return a book - shock shock - and then to the city to damage my liver further.

I'm waiting on the alma matter to get my transcript request and for the two peeps that I asked to give me recommendation letters to do so. I will bug them on Tuesday.

The Tuesday deadline has been postponed. None of you know what I'm talking about so that is really a note for me.

This is one of those posts that is meandering and meaningless and will probably not be read. So I will add this as well - Borderlands is awesome and the husband and I beat the game last weekend and now I'm going through withdrawal. It's not pretty. I stare at the flat panel and the ps3 (this is not an indication that you should rob me) and think to myself, man, I wish I could shoot up some motherfuckin' skags.


And on that note, I will slowly get up from this chair and make my way to the comfortable couch (my life is horrible today isn't it?) and start writing. Maybe I will have something to show for myself before I'm dead.

"God that was strange to see you again
Introduced by a friend of a friend
Smiled, and said "Yes I think we've met before"
In that instant it started to pour"

Captured a taxi despite all the rain
We drove in silence across Pont Champlain
And all of that time you thought I was sad
I was trying to remember your name"

"Your Ex-Lover is Dead", Stars

*Zombie Love is not the title but since I don't have one yet, this is subject to change.

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