Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Just a little update

I'm sure most of you have"n't" noticed that the title has changed. I've decided to take a more cheery approach to that which is life, so instead of questioning the world why my ass is the perfect height for Jesus/God/Gods/Beings to kick it (gotta cover all bases here) I've decided to just mention that my brain receives and dispenses information randomly, like a broken satellite.

I think I stole the phrase from Bell XI or Bob Schneider - who knows. Who the FucK cares?

Not me.

Anyhooooooooo, I'm also going to be building a new site soon. Why? Well let me quench your curiosity you vagabond of news.... a lot of people are constantly asking me for book rec's. So. Instead of driving people to goodreads to check out my profile (*ahen* www.goodreads.com/bookewyrn) I think I'll just a site dedicated solely to book rec's, lists and reviews. Everyone else has one and I don't hope to compete but I figure, hey, why not throw my hat in.

"What did you learn in school
I learned nothing
Why didn't you go to school
I don't know......
Never miss a beat"


  1. monty python spam-a-lot always recomended people to look at the bright side of life. But then again, i try not to take my advice from lunatic singing brits in tights.

    never again.

  2. Oh hey yea! The name changed. I think you stole the name from that band Counting Crows. Anway..Sometimes I don't understand what your writing about. This is that time. It might be the age difference and that Im not hip to you cool cats. Well, there it is.