Tuesday, December 21, 2010

So You Forgot Cranberries too?

Ok let me just say for the record that I'm a great blogger after a few pints.

Sorry about that.

On the third point *the second point has conveniently left me*, I tend to write really awesome and insightful blog posts right as I lay my head down to the pillow; my husband "spooning" me and my last breath of wakefulness slipping into that sweet biorhythm of REM patterns (or something pre). Alas, alack, I have no self esteem and an even lower amount of discpline to jot down any of my genius thoughts that plague me at the pre-dawn.

But CJ, you are doing it now, writing before dawn.

Yah, I am. But I'm also about ten beers in, a slightly depressed mood in and I've got enough QVC in me to start my own retail center. Clearly, judgment is not my forte tonight.

And on that slightly dreary but very real note, good night all and have a Happy Christmas as it seems my track record is quite crappy.

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