Sunday, January 9, 2011

The one about the condom


Even though I'm not working, I hate Mondays. I think it stems from being a kid and knowing that, on Sunday night, that you're weekend is officially over and you have to go and do something productive. Blegh.

I've been on a huge manga kick and I promise that I will not bore you with that, however, I will tell you one of the things that kept me awake last night.

Does anyone remember the Friends episode in which Rachel and Monica fought over the last condom? It's the one where Ross and Rachel are fighting because she was talking about the animalistic sex that she and Paolo used to have + the episode in which Richard tells Monica he loves her?

Well if you don't, it's beside the point. The point is, we have two women in their late twenties who live in NYC (Greenwich Village) and are fighting over the last condom, each trying to bargain and plead.

This is my problem.

1. You live in the city, there is always a store open that sells condoms. If you don't want to go to your local deli or bodega, you can go to one of the sex shops or even the DVD place (we all know to which I am referring)

2. Are you not on birth control? Can one of you forsake the condom and just go at it raw?

3. Why isn't Richard or Ross carrying any condoms?

4. Why the hell is Ross ready to have the nastiest sex of his life with Rachel, knowing that his little sister is in the room next door??

Oh...things in which I ponder.

And on that note, happy Sunday. Here's something for you.


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