Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Is Media Trying to Make an Enemy out of Me?

Before I launch into the news portion of this entry, let me just get something out of the way and give a little background as to why this piece of information makes me want to weep.

I am entirely convinced that television is trying to push me away. I used to love tv, used to watch a lot of tv. Had my favorite television shows that I watched religiously and drove friends and family crazy about when I missed an episode or was interrupted. As I got older, my shows began disappearing or just starting to jump el shark (X-files, I’m looking at you- what were those last two seasons about? I loved you but my god, you changed. We had to break-up, it was becoming toxic) or newer shows were catering to the ‘young adult’ crowd which was becoming increasingly more like Degrassi and less like, I don’t know something less skanky than Degrassi.

Then college came. I still had my Gilmore Girls and my Stargate SG-1 (though I admit to neglecting SG because of it’s time slot).

Then I graduated and I had my Gilmore Girls (CW, I’m still not speaking to you) and now I have House, NCIS, Pysch, Medium and Ugly Betty (although what’s going on with that show?). I have my Daily Show, Colbert Report and I’m beginning to dig Fringe. I have my Futurama (but then I’ve always had my Futurama) and my Family Guy and heck, The Venture Brothers when I can catch the new ones.

Then television started to fail me. Horribly, miserably. It was like a bad break-up and I was stuck watching TV flaunt around with its younger, hipper, vapid girlfriend with double-d’s and penchant for oral sex.


I’m a reader. First and foremost I’m a writer but being a reader is a strong strong second. So, when I hear that one of my favorite books or comic book ideas is becoming a show I get excited and then I get really nervous. Or at least, I get nervous now. People that know me know how much I dislike the X-Men movie franchise. I’m a big fan of the comic series so when a movie comes along and of course I understand why, they screw up the timelines and relationships, I get testy. Now, because of what they did to the X-Men on the big screen (it’s mainly the whole Rogue storyline and now I can’t stand Anna Paquin)

So, when I hear that the Sookie Stackhouse Southern Vampire Mystery series by Charlaine Harris, a new favorite series of mine, is going to become a television series and a cable television series at that (more freedom whoo hoo!) I’m super psyched. It’s called True Blood which is the name of the drink that the vamps drink instead of blood. Wow, I’m really excited!

That is until they tell me Anna Paquin is Sookie. WTF?! I won’t go into my dislike of the show here but for a clue, see the Rogue comment in the previous paragraph.

Then they remade Life on Mars from the original BBC show (which was AMAZING) and then they start showing a show called Moonlight (which is similar to a story I wrote a few years back, but admittedly, mine is a little more complex but hey, I can’t say anything, mine’s not published).

So I’m disillusioned. Hardcore.

Now, to throw salt on the big gaping wound that is my trust, there is a report that ABC is going to take the wonderful, glorious, beautiful, amazing comic series known as Fables by Bill Willingam and try to transfer that amazingness and make it into a tv series.

I’m scared. I really am.

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