Saturday, December 27, 2008

A Happy Birthday and a Sad Farewell

Happy Birthday Earthrise.
Christmas Eve 1968, one Astronaut said to the other - wow. that's fuckin' gorgeous. Of course, that's most likely what really happened but the media took that phrase and spun it into something a lot less crude. :)

"Oh, my God! Look at that picture over there! Isn't that something…
Frank Borman

Apollo 8 crew member

Point is, spaceflight allowed us to see a different side of the earth. One that doesn't involve wars, drugs, childhood obesity, jealousy, hate, greed, crime and the instilled obsession with instant gratification. It shows the world as what it should be, a beautiful spinning piece of rock teeming with life. It's an unbiased view of green, blue, white and hope.

A Sad Farewell

Eartha Kitt is perhaps well known for two things - the original "Santa Baby" and her role as the second Catwoman. I have to admit, she wasn't my favorite television series Catwoman (but that's because I'm a comic book classicist) but she did have an amazing voice, a certain sex appeal and definitely the brains and courage to work it. She was a child of mixed race, raised in Harlem and worked her butt off.

She diedon Christmas day.

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