Monday, September 28, 2009

Like a train wreck but worse

So for some reason I am addicted to this Mackenzie Phillips story. It's horrible and not something that should capture my attention but it's like a V.C Andrew's story in which the abused kid gets to finally turn the tables.

I believe her too or at least, I'm not willing to not believe her and make Mackenzie out to be a villain.

The way her family is reacting is disgusting. See here:


And on another note, I'm spending way too much money on books. I also have to go food shopping and for the love of all that is holy, I need to finish Chapter 4!


  1. Please stop reading tabloids and go food shopping. I'm going to write about furniture shopping so you can wast your valuable time reading about my boring life! Why do we cross reference our personal lives? Please but mayo and celery.

  2. hey i used to read VC Andrews! lol

  3. I used to love VC Andrews Mare....I guess we may have been some weird children :)

  4. Chuck -- we're too cool for school. That's why.