Friday, September 11, 2009

State of Being....

I've decided to implement a new Blog Tag/Title called State of Being. Just a little update on my mood/emotions/feelings and other semi-therapeutic stuff that probably belongs on a LiveJournal (which I no longer use) or in a secret diary somewhere. But it's my site and I can do whatever the fuck I want to.

So.....to christen the new topic.

Sometimes I feel way to cranky for my own good. It's as if my body can no longer contain the sudden upswell of negative emotions and general pessimistic views that crowd my mind and body.

Is it because I didn't get enough sleep last night? Probably.

Is is because it's close to my 'woman's time'. Eh, maybe.

Is it because it's a shit day with dirty gray skies and cold rain? Yeah, I'd wager that could be the answer.

I find myself disliking anything that could be considered to be a bother. People that email that are normally pretty ok become quite the annoying idiot. Answers to questions that if they had just opened their eyes and looked, they would have found the answer. OR, the people that can do something themselves but don't want to because it may just be too beneath them.

Which in turn makes me want to scream and scratch and just in general not work with them.


This sort of ennui seems to consume me until something 'other' happens. A new book. Sunshine. A good review of a story. A great song. A LONG PERIOD OF STUPID PEOPLE LEAVING ME THE FUCK ALONE.


Now, I feel a little better.

Mood: Photobucket - Frustrated

Music - Venus vs Mars - Jay-z

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