Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Stream of consciousness but for goodness sake don't cross the streams!

I think it's getting possible that I hate blogger. I'm debating wordpress for two reasons: one it looks easier to manage with a functionality that will allow for creativity and two: most of my favorite writers have one if I want to steal a page from their book regarding success, it seems like a good idea.

Of course, how many would follow me that long trek into the good night - of the internet.

Arctic Monkeys' first album is playing, my husband is showering (and the awesome scent of his body wash is wafting out into the living room making him quite edible), I'm more than a little upset about my life choices, I'm trying to make headway into Chapter 7 (i know where I'm going but just not how to get there) and I have to worry about the 4th annual holiday party at my place on saturday. That is the painted picture of my environment/mood.

So, today sort of sucked. It did, it really did. Blatant whispers in my ear about how I should be better than I am, does not make CJ a happy person. In fact I have this latent sense of apathy that comes out every now and again it becomes a sort of spiteful outlet. It doesn't do anyone good but it feels good for about ten minutes.

And then I wake up.

Speaking of, my dreams have been pretty awesome lately.

The rest of this week workwise will suck and no, I really don't give a shit about how or if this information is disseminated. I'm tired of most of the shit that occurs around me.

On another note, I'm reading "Three Days to Dead" by Kelly Meding and very much liking it. I'm almost done and her writing reminds me of me - just not quite.

NCIS was on tonight and I'm pissed about the spoilers I've read about how there will be no Ziva/Tony action. It goes to show that Hollywood writers/creators are scared little shits when it comes to their audience. Reminds me of some people that I work with.

AND on that note. I will leave you with something a little less bitter; a little less mouth swellingly tart - there is about two more weeks of 2009 left. Enjoy it.