Thursday, April 8, 2010

On turning a different age and the perils of eating wax...

'allo Gentle Readers -

I have turned a 27 as of yesterday at 5:24pm. I am an Aries with a Libra rising and an Aquarius Moon. I like to relax with a beer and a book and I love new music, sweets, baking and Mexican food. I've been trying to finish a novel since High School, in which it is quite possible that I have reached my peak, and I like to snuggle against my husband like I'm a cat (to which he doesn't always respond well because I am tall and sort of bony). What does any of that mean?

Nothing really. 24 hours doesn't change you. I don't feel older or younger, I don't feel wiser or more naive or whatever. I simply feel - warm. Not just the weather (in which it has been the nicest it has ever been since I was about 9) but because my husband loves me, my sisters love me, my parents tolerate me (hee hee?) and my friends like me. Facebook, the artificial generator of friendship, actually made me feel good. I think, this may have been the second birthday in a long time in which I wasn't very very depressed.

Now, wax. As it is almost impossible to not imbibe wax when the candles on are on your birthday cake, do yourself a favor and don't choke on it. It'll save you a trip to the hospital and despite what you may think, it is a not a good story to tell next year when you are eating pudding with a flameless candle. No, this never happened to me - it happened to a "friend" of mine.

Happy April guys. 

look at the stars
look how they shine for you

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  1. Oh-my-Gosh! What has happened to you? Where's the snarkiness? Where's the biting sarcastic wit? Is this the more mellowed 27 year old Charice we have to deal with now? Working on 26 has certainly changed you. What has Andy done? Entered you into some re-unification program? Oh Charice...

  2. LOL

    shhh...not allowed to talk about work remember ;)

  3. I know this it a bit late, but Happy Birthday!