Wednesday, April 21, 2010

On why Facebook is weird

Facebook is a scary scary scary place at times. I would just like to take a moment to point that out.


Well, remember those kids in high school that you were friends with for a whole of 12 months and then, because high school is the land of hormones, misunderstandings, betrayals and petty jealousies, these 'friends' stopped talking to you and made your life a living hell (even if you were the innocent party, the fact of the matter is that three or four of them ganged up on you because you wouldn't back down)? Oh, this doesn't make sense to anyone but me?


Anyhoo - Facebook is the land of second chances as well. those 'friends' who would tease you, freeze you and ultimately try to make you go insane have now forgotten what they have done to you and suddenly want to be your best friend again. It's sometimes very sickening (puke worthy), sometimes cathartic (for both parties) and most of the time, for the first few months, it's just downright strange.

It's weird when Mean Girls want to be BFF's. However, doesn't everyone deserve a second chance...and by everyone I mean people that haven't committed a crime so heinous that it doesn't involve scrotum snipping or perineum paralysis.

So for all those that have the memory of a goldfish, I say sure, I'll friend you and so will the Guild of Traumatized and Hesitant Adults. You know what, sometimes it's great to be back in touch with those that have shunned you in high school. Other times, it's just nice to know that you've turned out nicer, better-looking and most likely saner than them.

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