Monday, August 10, 2009

The Importance of Being Idle

I am suffering from what I like to call "OMG I'm tired" syndrome.

This means that I'm physically tired and lifestyle tired; I need a nap and about a million bucks so that I can travel.

"Lifestyle tired? That sounds pathetic, alarming and a little scary. You just got married! How can you be lifestyle tired?!" you cry, concerned and confused.

I did just get married, I just came back from my honeymoon actually. Saint Martin is beautiful. I'm not tired of marriage or my husband. I'm tired of living in my apartment and being in NY and having to deal with waking up every morning to go to work.

It's not a reflection of my work in this case, either.

It's simply that I don't want to be a "slave to tomorrow's demands" as my husband so poignantly put it. I want to be able to sleep in, wake up when I want and then work. I want to have time to work on my novel, travel and hang out with friends. I want to create something with my own hands and spirit and be proud of it and still be able to get in at least ten hours of sleep. I want to be able to watch Adult Swim during the weekdays and not have to worry about waking up the next morning to catch a train.


I want to see the world. I want to live somewhere else other than New York (again). I want to eat different foods prepared in the region/countries they originated in. I want to read by the beach or at a cafe in an European city.

This is most likely just a case of wanderlust and idealism brought on by excessive sun and sand and Coors lights. I just have to adjust my wheels back on the rails lest I shall fall off and achieve something that could make or break me.

I like my apartment, I love love love my husband and I'm at peace with my job right now.

I think I just need another vacation with my husband.

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