Saturday, August 29, 2009

I can see that you're a bouncing ball

So, this will be quick as I have people coming over tonight.

I got the information from Baruch today which makes me very happy, now all I have to do is read it. Before I bother to apply though I have to take the GRE's and then get certified to teach.

I wish, and I know that this sort of beginning to a sentence always sounds flimsy and possibly naive, that I could be a full time writer. That I had the discpline to sit down and friggin' finish a chapter in one night. I can't, I know that, so let me amend that particular component to the wish and say that I wish I had the ability to finish at least a page a night.

Maybe it's the 'lazy genes' that I have, maybe it's just pure abject fear. Fear that I will accomplish something and face the consequences - i.e. being rejected, being bribed, lowering my standard and possibly having to sell my book as an e-book (which frankly grosses me out a little). Or maybe I'm just scared that I don't have it in me and I prolong the writing process so that I can hold on a little longer to a pipe dream.

Either way lies fear.

On another front - I'm writing this in my "office"! Pictures are forthcoming.


  1. Seriously, girl, do you live inside my head??!! If so - get out! Seriosuly - don't fault yourself for not being a full-time writer. Unless you are independently wealthy, being a full-time writer is a luxury that most of us cannot afford. Pursuing a career that will feed your soul and no doubt offer many, many people and events to write about is perfect. Just the fact that you keep up with your blog and post often is a great start, so stop putting pressure on yourself! Don't set limited goals like "I have to complete xx number of words, paragraphs, pages per day." Just pledge to write each day. Some days you will write a sentence; some days you'll write pages of drivel, and some days you'll amaze even yourself at what poetry and elegance flows from you. Just believe in yourself and the man who built you your awesome office (still waiting for pictures - ahem), and you'll be great!