Friday, August 14, 2009

Martini's, Reading and Mary Ford

By the by, Les Paul passed away. He was amazing and he created a style that is hands down amazing. Without him, we might be stuck with banjos.

Anyway, I came home from work today sweating and glistening like a rabid pig and decided to make myself a drink - yes drink, just pretend that the word is italicized and you'll know what I mean. Instead I decided to shower. Now Hubby works later than I do so i got to enjoy my shower - and no, not like that. Just taking a luxurious shower and taking your own sweet time conditioning your hair, shaving your legs and lathering up is enough for me. And let me tell you how sweet it is. I smell great, feel great and am currently sitting here typing this in tacky shamrock shorts and a Blow Pop shirt.

After the shower I made a martini because it's been a while since I've had a decent one. I don't have any coconut rum so I couldn't make my signature Pineapple Upside Down Cake. What came out was essentially pineapple juice and vanilla vodka with a splash of banana rum. So, I'm cozy and feeling good and enjoying myself quite nicely in my quiet home.

I pick up my book that I've been reading, Luanne Rice's "Light of the Moon" - it's sort of a hokey read but it's essentially a quick beach read and though it's a bit predictable, it's a nice culmination of drama and romance. Sort of like Alice Hoffman without any of the darkness. Anyway, I find myself actually making facial expressions that match my inside emotions and I realize that I need to stop reading just so I don't end up freezing my face in a shocked expression.

And on that note...there's nothing going on here. Radio Charice is broadcasting busted weekend plans, a trip to the bar tonight and possible a tattoo within the next few weeks.

Keep tuning in.


  1. Sam used to make Darren a drink when he got home from McMann & Tate after a hard day at the advertising firm. Why didn't you make the hub-sters one while you were at it? And that tattoo idea??? You need to think it through...thats all I'm saying...

  2. Because Darren is weird. Didn't the actor become a drug addict?

    As for the tat - I've been thinking about it for awhile. :)